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Tachibana An
21 March
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Tachibana An

After Junior High, An went on to Seigaku since Fudomine had no High school division, she joined the tennis club that they had and played throughout High school. She never thought of going pro and set her sights in majoring in something political since someone… or a couple once told her she was good at arguing and making a point, and that she was. She decided on majoring in International Relations and is currently studying English as well. She’s still good friends with mostly everyone she knew since she was in her junior high day’s and pretty much still carries a normal social life when she’s not studying and working at a near by Bake Shop.

An never really changed much through the years, she’s still the same optimistic hot head that she was when she was younger but now has a slightly more mature way of handling thing and not creating such a mess like she used to.

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